my little playground

About Site

I'm just a simple web developer that has been messing around for the past 12+ years. I've become increasingly interested in responsive web design. I remember when the pinacle of mobile web design was a simple list of links and text. There was no support for anything that resembles the power of today's smartphones. I'm slowly trying to implement these responsive designs into all the websites I'm working on; both personal and at the office.

Another of those great technologies that I can't stop advocating for is SASS. I know some of you prefer to use LESS, but so far the only thing I think LESS has over SASS, is a prettier website. But really I think it was simply due to the fact that I was turned on to SASS about a month before I even heard of LESS, so I had plenty of time to learn it and love it.

This humble little site, which I've neglected pretty much ever since I bought the domain back in college, will now be my little playground. A place I can talk about any new open source projects I'm working on, some cool new technique I just learned, or really anything I feel like sharing. Well, lets just hope I don't abandon it again.